20. des. 2010

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chillaxing with allison's dogs. i think ill survive this christmas too.

18. des. 2010


Guess where I am?

Today I woke up in Bergen followed by 2 hours in one plane, landing in Amsterdam - followed by 5 hours in a different plane. Guess where I am?!

Today has been the most ridiculous day _EVER_ Here it goes:
So I thought our delay from Bergen was going to make me late for my flight out from Amsterdam - so I ran from one gate to the other (of course on completely opposite sides f the airport...)
I made it to the gate, and they had started boarding. So we start boarding, and since I am travelling to the US 'boarding' means 'being interviewed'. So this RIDICULOUSLY tall woman walks up to me, and tells me to go stand over by a table. Then she asks me where I am travveling from, who packed my luggage, if anyone but me had handeled the luggage, if all the elctric equipment in my suitcase was mine and so on and so forth. Not only did she ask... RIDICULOUS questions, but she also had the poorest english I have ever heard. She had to repeat everything at least three times before I understood what she meant. Then I got to the gate, and we were supposed to depart at 1015, but started boarding at 1017 instead. And this is where it all begun.
It's a long and RIDICULOUS story. And I'll type it up later.
But I am still in Amsterdam. And it's 2am.. or so. yay!

14. des. 2010

ooooh, Ryan

You can definitely boss me around. Anytime.

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cuddling up in front of the fireplace. with carrie bradshaw. life is wonderful, and for now, thats all i care about.

13. des. 2010

and i can't tell you what it is - but there's something very, very fascinating about this woman

And she's crazy. Just a little bit

circadian rhythms

So since I am: done with my finals, only have 2 days of school left this week, am going to a different time zone on thursday/friday I have GIVEN UP ON GOING TO BED AT .......... TO MAKE SURE I GET .......... HOURS OF SLEEP.
Who cares? I can sleep on the plane. I can sleep when I'm old.

And I'm excited.
Also; I am glad.

11. des. 2010

this years schedule

(hopefully) click to enlarge!
Blue is chemistry
Yellow is social knowledge
White is; History, Norwegian, Gym & Religion

8. des. 2010


I remember one night last year didn't have time, nor energy, to finish my chem homework. So I left my folder and sheets next to me in my bed, and went to sleep. Then I set the alarm to 2am or so, and was awake for 30 quick minutes or so, and finished my homework before I went back to sleep.
Doesn't that sound crazy??? It does to me. And that is why I will not do the same tonight. To be honest, I'd rather pull an all-nighter. Waking up in the middle of the night to finish homework just sounds painful.

Well, it should be said that I didn't really do that one chem sheet. I had borrowed Patrick's, and I copied most of it. It was balancing equations. And it sucked.
And goodnight!

7. des. 2010


Thursday is the 4th day of the week, or in countires that uses the sunday-first convention it is the 5th day of the week. It falls between wednesday and friday. The name is derived from middle English thuresday, meaning "Thunor's day" (Which means, from old norse "Thor's day", and is referring to the Proto-Germanic god of Thunder.) (therefore, in Norway, Sweden & Denmark thursday translates to torsdag = tor's dag. Where tor = Thor, and dag = day.)

Somehow. Right now. Thursday seems to be my favorite day. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
Thursday afternoon I'll be done with my 5hours long chemistry final. And next thursday I'll be on my way to La Crosse! God works in mysterious ways...................................

Wish me (good) luck!

(Also, another thought, which, by the way, makes me very very very happy; next time I'm blogging I'll be all done with my chem final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3. des. 2010

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favorite thing #2 at work: carrying piles if movies so tall i cant see where im walking

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favorite thing #1 at work: using so many stickers it looks like ive priced a gazillion movies (at least), and been working for ddaayyysss

2. des. 2010