28. mars 2011

i just want your kiss boy, kiss boy, kiss boy

this paranoia is distressing
but I spend most of my night guessing
are we not, are we together
will this make our lives much better

25. mars 2011

22. mars 2011

I'm not gonna lie - I'm giving in

My body has been craving sex and the city for weeks now, and I'm giving in. While doing this, I am enjoying the thought of no school tomorrow. Who doesn't like a day off in the middle of the week? Or, at least as close to the middle of the week as you can get.
I am going to sleep, and eat mac n'cheese for breakfast, and read history and chem, and eat a great lunch, and go for a run, and shower, and read more history, and eat dinner.
but first of all I am going to watch sex and the city.

17. mars 2011

tonight maybe we're gonna run dreaming of the Osaka sun dreaming of when the morning comes


It's almost funny to me how everything seems so far, yet so close. After spending a whole year just getting to know people from all over the world, it is as if the world shrunk. Japan is so much closer than we think. They're all doing it. The scientists, the massmedia, the people - in Norway, in the US, in Brazil. They worry; what if the radiation reaches us?
It's been a tough week. And my prayers and thoughts and best wishes go to Japan, hoping for a quick recovery.
I told the 11th graders yesterday what you gain from a year abroad; and it's not only maturing and learning a new language and meeting new people and getting better at adjusting. It is also worrying, and now especially for those in Japan.
It's been a tough week, and let's just leave it at that.

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cool koolaid. pink lemonade.

8. mars 2011

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them"

6. mars 2011

eg har tenkt litt

Eg har tenkt litt. Og eg trur vi gjør det vi gjør, altså å dra på ferie sammen, gi gaver og bøker og filmer. Og matbokser. Og låner headset og joggebukser, og kjøper augelapper. Og hører på radioresepsjonen og sover i samme seng fordi vi tar igjen for alt vi gikk glipp av i fjor. Sjøl om i fjor gikk kjempefort og kjempebra.


3. mars 2011



So staying home and being sick made me crave Mt. Dew. Baaaaaad. I'm so mad at myself for not drinking it every second I was awake during the 300-and-some days I spent in the US. If I go to L.A. I would drink lots and lots of mountain dew.

I need to go to Sweden. They have mountain dew in Sweden!

I also find it absolutely RIDICULOUS how we don't have a word for "bodyaches" in Norwegian. At least not as far as I know.

2. mars 2011

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Det var lyst ute kl. 7 i dag tidlig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dag tidlig når eg våkna fikk eg teften av vår; tett i nasa, kitla i halsen og klødde i auga. Deilig. Følelsen eg har lengta etter så alt for lenge. Og no er den virkelig her. No er det jammen snart vår!

Oh, and I find it odd how a ukulele can make me want to wear my swinsuit and drive to soccer practice and get a farmer's tan.