26. aug. 2010

dear john

The waves are even flowing

All the thousand stars will one day stop glowing

The universe is waiting for just another transformation

24. aug. 2010

it's such a funny sensation to be

So it starts raining. And it is as if the world stops. The entire world completely stops working. Or at least, that's what we act like. Cars are the only option for transport, walking all the way to the bus is not even considered.
You would imagine that since we once had close to 200 days of rain in one year we would have learned how to enjoy the rain, and were prepared. But no. No, not at all.
Is it really just the rain though?
No, it's the fall. The fall is here. And we know it.

And _OH_MY_GOD_ people rent a lloott of movies when it's raining. jeeezee luiiis.

8. aug. 2010

How do you measure a year?

You know how every year just keeps getting better?
How 7th grade was a LOT of fun because you were the oldest at the school and had more power than the rest? And you even went on a camp-thing?

How 8th grade was great and extremely exciting because all of a sudden you went to school with all the "big kids", and you were the youngest? And oh my gosh, you met all these new people and you got grades!!?

How 9th grade was even better becasue you got to know everyone really well, you figured out what it took to get good grades, oh, and confirmaion??

Aahhh, and how 10h grade was even better??? Finally you WERE the oldest one, and everyone else looked up to you. And you were wrapping up your three years at junior high, and graduation and so on?

Oh, and then 1st (11th) grade? SO MANY PEOPLE YOU'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF BEFORE! And new teachers and subjects, and finally you were one of the "old ones", and were a part of the Russ-celebration?

.. And then every year just keeps getting better, right? It makes sense.

Well. I'm pretty sure I just have to get used to the tought of last year being the best year. And no year in a long long time is ever going to be better than the school year 09/10.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear.
In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of coffee? In inches? In miles? In laughter? In strife?

6. aug. 2010

And I finally felt brave enough

Zach, it buggs me that you ROLLED your letter to me - and therefore made it almost impossible for me to ever do anything but rolling it.
Kelly, it buggs me that your handwriting is almost too extremely syncronozied and well organized to be a hand writing, and that I didn't find the flash drive and frame until now.
Savannah, it buggs me that just when I started crying I started laughing at the same time because of all the flash backs I got while reading your letter. (I'm pretty sure I woke my mom up. its 1am)
Patrick, it buggs me that none of us can seem to find that notebook, and that I didn't get to give you a real kiss at the airport.
Kayli, it buggs me that it is going to be difficult to do ANYTHING with the cards from you without having the hamster-dance-song and "I want candy" playing constantly.
Allison, it buggs me that I'm not as skilled of a goodbye-letter-writer as you are.
And finally, Becca, the gold sparkles you warned me about does NOT bug me at all!
Yes, I finally read all of them. And I cried and laughed. And I love you all more than you can imagine. Thanks for making me the best I can possibly be!

Sometimes I get this writer's block

I'm living in the past
My clock's an hour fast
Should really go and make coffee but I can't be arsed.
I've lost my mobile phone
You'll have to call my home
On second thoughts just leave a message when you hear the tone.
My grimy windows show the early morning glow.
Another day,
Another dollar in my one man show.
I'm lovin' Mary Jane, flyin' with Luis Lane
On board a bullett train.
Don't know yet if I'm glad I came
Don't know yet if I'm glad I came.

5. aug. 2010

And this is what we do at the cabin.

It's a mess because "we" (Sølvi) are painting the ceiling. Brown. And we had to move everything around.
And this is how we roll!

4. aug. 2010


This is a reminder to everyone out there who has forgotten all about shcool - TWO WEEKS (to uka = two weeks)Plus this is a fabulous song. Enjoy!