15. okt. 2010

i'm weird 'cause i hate goodbyes

Believe me or not, but I was actually going somewhere with posting this song.
It's weird how I both like(not love) and hate(not dislike) this song(which means my negative feelings towards it are stronger than the positive ones)
And even if I hate to admit it; this is, probably, the song of my exchange. Simply because it became super popular in no time and was played everywhere all the time (especially on z93).

1. Nan, my 2nd hostmom, took me and her twin-daughters (kelsey&jessie, 22yrs) to Rochester to go shopping. I think this was in November. While they were looking for Christmas gifts and sweatshirts I was looking for a swimsuit I could take with me to Florida. Which was a really hard thing to find in November by the way... Anyhow, on our way back to la cross we stopped in la crescent to buy apples, of course, and while nan went inside the rest of us stayed in the car. And guess what song came on the radio? Oh yes. And Jessie, in particular, expressed her hatered towards this song. And we laughed and talked about spaceships and aliens for the rest of the car ride.

2. I have 8 days left in the US. I am in grand rapids, Michigan, waiting to go on stage with the "singing ambassadors" in front of thousands and thousands of people from all over the world. On stage there is a girl doing the signlanguage to fireflies. And as an introduction to her performance we got to hear the story of how she learned sign language, during her (rotary) exchange, of course. And as she gets done telling, and the music starts to play the audience is speechless and in complete awe of her achievements. And no one has ever gotten applauded that hard before.

It also reminds me of riding with Jerry to school, walking from one class to another class, getting dressed in the morning in savannahs basement, pretending to do homework with savannah, drivin to footballgames with Allison, riding with Elisabeth to soccer practice, taking pictures for photography class.....
And this is why I HAVE to like this song, even though I hate it.
Because it is a part of something so great I can't even explain it.

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