26. sep. 2010


Translates to CHRISTMAS MOOD. But I really strongly disagree with that. Christmas mood doesn't do justice to Julestemning. Cause it is so much more than just Christmas mood. And I can't even explain why. I guess I can try with: it's a lot more stronger, and passionately, and everybody thinks about it, and uses it, all through the month of December.
Earlier I was talking to my grandmother about this exact thing; Julestemning. And that it doesn't really come to you before you're sitiing in church Christmas eve and everyone is dressed up and so on. And as she was telling me about the 18christmasea I've lived u started tearing up; because this is not what I think of as Christmas anymore, and thinking of it does not give me the Julestemning it should.
Then, you might ask, what does give me Julestemning?
The thought of using only 15 minutes in the bathroom cause Jamie and Jessie and kelsey are all using the same bathroom as me.
The thought if being ready before everyone else and therefore having to take Gus for a walk in the snow.
The thought of driving with Jerry to church instead if nan because jerry's car heats up quicker.
The thought of driving down the bluff and look at all the orange and yellow spots in the ocean of pitch black that is the city of la crosse.
The thought of sitting next to nan suing the service while Jerry and Jamie and Kelsey and jessie are all playing in the band.
The thought of eating supper with the neighbours.
The thought of staying up late my older siblings talking about Christmas traditions.
The thought of skyping with my family in Norway on jerry's Mac.

Now that's Christmas.

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